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Effects Of Surface Mining On Ground Water Quality

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Longterm effects of surface coal mining on groundwater

Longterm Effects Of Surface Coal Mining On Groundwater

Two small watersheds in eastern Ohio that were surface mined for coal and reclaimed were studied during 1986-89. Water-level and water-quality data were compared with similar data collected during previous investigations conducted during 1976-83 to determine long-term effects of surface mining on the hydrologic system. Before mining, the watersheds were characterized by sequences of flat-lying ...

Impact of Mining on Ground and Surface Waters

Impact Of Mining On Ground And Surface Waters

surface reliefs are rocked, and so on. One of the major effects of mining is its impact on ground and surface waters. This, along with other disturbances, make the ecosystem to meet with grevious consequences. The impact of mining on ground water may be considered under the fo11owing areas a Lowering of water table b Subsidence

Effects of surface coal mining and reclamation on ground

Effects Of Surface Coal Mining And Reclamation On Ground

The hydrologic effects of surface coal mining in unlimited areas is difficult to predict, partly because of a lack of adequate data collected before and after mining and reclamation. In order to help provide data to assess the effects of surface mining on the hydrology of small basins in the coal fields of the eastern United States, the U.S. Bureau of Mines sponsored a comprehensive hydrologic ...

Read quotSurface Coal Mining Effects on Ground Water Recharge

Read Quotsurface Coal Mining Effects On Ground Water Recharge

CONTROL OF ADVERSE EFFECTS OF COAL SURFACE MINING ON GROUND WATER QUALITY All three phases of coal surface mining--pre-mining exploration, active mining, and post-mining reclamation--can potentially have negative impacts on ground water quality.

Read quotSurface Coal Mining Effects on Ground Water Recharge

Read Quotsurface Coal Mining Effects On Ground Water Recharge

Since 1977, when Congress passed the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act SMCRA P.L. 95-87, there have been strict federal rules for restoring the land to approximately its original contours and for minimizing degradation of the quality of surface and ground water e.g., by controlling sediment content and acid or alkaline drainage.

Control of groundwater in surface mining SpringerLink

Control Of Groundwater In Surface Mining Springerlink

The presence of groundwater in surface mining operations often creates serious problems. The most important is generally a reduction in stability of the pit slopes. This is caused by pore water pressures and hydrodynamic shock due to blasting which reduce the shear strength and seepage pressures, water in tension cracks and increased unit weight which increase the shear stress.

Effects of Surface Mining and Residential Land Use on

Effects Of Surface Mining And Residential Land Use On

waterbodies and provide high quality water for downstream uses Yoder et al. 2000, Wallace and Meyer 2001. Although state and federal regulatory requirements to protect water quality exist, impacts to streams due to surface mining are still common and widespread. Surface mining impacts streams

What affects the quality of surface and groundwater

What Affects The Quality Of Surface And Groundwater

Many factors affect the quality of surface and groundwater. Water moving over or under the land surface can undergo physical and chemical changes. These changes may be caused by either natural factors or human activities. Contaminants can impair water quality and affect water use.

Evaluation of water quality in surface water and shallow

Evaluation Of Water Quality In Surface Water And Shallow

This study was conducted to evaluate the quality of surface water and shallow groundwater near a rare earth mining area in southern Jiangxi Province, China. Water samples from paddy fields, ponds, streams, wells, and springs were collected and analyzed. The results showed that water

Impacts from surface mining on groundwater system A

Impacts From Surface Mining On Groundwater System A

Dec 31, 1998 Groundwater impacts from a surface lignite mine in east-central Texas have been predicted and monitored since 1974. Minimal impacts on groundwater quantity and quality were predicted. Because aquifers in the mine area have very low permeabilities, volumes of groundwater to dewatering pits and reclaimed spoils were expected to be small.

Effects of Surface Mining on Aquatic Resources in North

Effects Of Surface Mining On Aquatic Resources In North

Methods of predicting eventual toxicity as it relates to the quality of post-mining surface water and groundwater must be determined. Adequate pre-mining sampling of the reserve, the overburden, and the strata under it are essential.

The Effects Of Surface Mining On The Environment 905

The Effects Of Surface Mining On The Environment 905

Coal mining can have seriously adverse environmental and related impacts, including interference with groundwater quantity and quality, land subsidence, impacts on river flows and consequential impact on other land-uses, issues associated with mining wastes disposal, creation of geological hazards . . . and potential ecological havoc Bian ...


Effects Of Surface Coal Mining And

The effects of surface mining on ground water have been a matter of concern ever since surface mining became widespread around the middle of the twentieth century. Ground-water quality is of major concern because it is a primary determinant of the water quality of base flow in streams, and

Groundwater problems in surface mining in the United

Groundwater Problems In Surface Mining In The United

An outline of ground water problems in surface mining in the United Kingdom is presented. Sources of mine water in surface mining are described together with the operational problems created by adverse groundwater conditions. The effects of groundwater on the stability of excavation slopes, spoil slopes and superficial deposits are described with the aid of case histories.


Effects Of Septictank Effluent On Ground

Effects of septic-tank effluent on ground-water quality 9 Major inorganic constituents 9 Nutrients 9 Organic substances 13 Optical brighteners 13 Bacteria 14 Summary and conclusions 14 References cited 15 . ILLUSTRATIONS . Figure 1. Map showing location of observation wells, springs, and surface-water sampling sites in

Effects Of Mining on the Environment and Human Health

Effects Of Mining On The Environment And Human Health

Other effects of coal fires include rising surface temperatures and contamination of groundwater, soil and air. Although coal fires can be caused by thunderstorm lightning, and forest or peat fires, they are often caused by mining accidents and improper mining techniques.

Changes in the groundwater due to surface mining

Changes In The Groundwater Due To Surface Mining

Open-cast mining operations conducted below groundwater table often affect the drawdown of the water table over large areas which as a consequence changes the natural regional hydrological balance. Remedial measures may include construction of new water intakes, and changes in the land usage may be necessary. Tipping of wastes most often coal wastes and ashes affects ground water pollution.

Contamination of Groundwater USGS

Contamination Of Groundwater Usgs

Mar 02, 2019 Occurs naturally in soils, groundwater, and surface water. Often used in electrical industry equipment and components, nuclear power and space industry. Enters the environment from mining operations, processing plants, and improper waste disposal. Found in low concentrations in rocks, coal, and petroleum and enters the ground and

Mining and Water Quality USGS

Mining And Water Quality Usgs

The acid runoff further dissolves heavy metals such as copper, lead, mercury into groundwater or surface water. The rate and degree by which acid-mine drainage proceeds can be increased by the action of certain bacteria. Acidic, metal-laden drainage from abandoned coal mines can have substantial effects on aquatic resources.

MultiDisciplinary Approach for Surface Mining Effects

Multidisciplinary Approach For Surface Mining Effects

Abstract Ground water is becoming a major concern with respect to surface mining. Two major concerns are groundwater quality and groundwater quantity, but only the quantity aspects are addressed in this paper. Mining exerts pressure on environment at many stages such as exploration, extraction, processing, and post closure operations.

Impacts of Blasting on Domestic Water Wells

Impacts Of Blasting On Domestic Water Wells

Impacts of Blasting on Domestic Water Wells Jay Hawkins Workshop on Mountaintop Mining Effects on Groundwater May 9,2000 Opening Statement Im going to cover two areas of the impacts of blasting on domes tic wells and associated aquifers. First, I will discuss my personal experiences with res earching this problem.

The Problem of Water Table Rebound After Mining Activity

The Problem Of Water Table Rebound After Mining Activity

Jan 01, 1981 Mining activity has a great effect on the hydrogeology of an area, and it also interferes with the natural surface water hydrology. In a temperate climate such as that of the United Kingdom, there is constant recharge of the saturated zone by infiltration from the surface. Mining has to be accompanied by pumping to remove the excess groundwater.

Coal and Water Pollution Union of Concerned Scientists

Coal And Water Pollution Union Of Concerned Scientists

Dec 06, 2017 Coal mining. Mining operations can negatively impact water supplies, often with long-lasting effects. The fundamental issue involves contamination of nearby rivers, lakes, and aquifers by what comes out of a coal mineusually highly acidic water containing heavy metals like arsenic, copper, and lead. The process is known as acid mine drainage.It happens when certain substances typically ...

Causes Effects and Solutions for Mining EampC

Causes Effects And Solutions For Mining Eampc

Mining is done with the goal to obtain materials which cannot be obtained at the surface and can also not be created artificially in an economically-senseful way. The types, causes, effects of mining and solutions to the problem are presented below.